What Are Spider Veins

Spider Vein Symptoms

Spider veins are an unsightly problem commonly found on the ankles, calves, thighs, and face. These blue, purple, or red dilated spider veins appear on the surface of the skin and are considered by many to be a cosmetic issue. Women are more likely to experience this problem than men. Weight gain, hormones, pregnancy, extended sitting or standing, and heredity are all considered contributing factors.

Aside from their discolored nature, spider veins on legs may also cause symptoms including aching, a burning sensation, or itchiness. Though generally considered harmless, spider vein symptoms may cause discomfort, especially after an extended period of standing. Many individuals find that their cosmetic impact causes feelings of self-consciousness, making treatment a popular course of action. Prompt treatment can ensure that symptoms do not worsen over time.

Spider Vein Treatment

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Cosmetic vein treatment

What are spider veinsSpider veins are basically little tiny varicose veins on the spectrum of vein disease. You have big ropey veins, and you have little tiny veins that you see on the surface that aren’t causing any symptoms, per se, they’re just a cosmetic problem.