Varicose Vein Treatment in Flower Mound TX

Discover the different treatment methods offered here at Flower Mound Vein Center and consult with our vein specialists to see which treatment is right for you. 

Comprehensive Vein Treatment for Patients near North Dallas

Screening exam includes:

  • Venous history– complete venous history including: review of patient demographics, overall health, review of complaints & symptoms, and all other significant information
  • Venous education– patients are educated on venous disease, diagnosis, treatments, alternative therapies, post treatment, risk factors, and results
  • Individualized treatment plan– based on the results from the history & screening exam an individualized treatment plan is developed utilizing advanced therapies

As a leading vein doctor in Flower Mound, Texas, Dr. Handley and his vein center team utilize safe, effective treatment methods for spider vein removal, varicose vein removal and other vein disorder treatment. If you notice blue, purple, or bulging veins, you may have spider or varicose veins. Although vein treatments are a great option for a cosmetic improvement to your noticeable veins, symptoms of vein disease can also cause you to be uncomfortable. Vein treatments can relieve vein symptoms like swelling, tenderness, or discomfort, by getting rid of your spider or varicose veins. 

Our Office

Our procedures are in-office, non surgical treatments for removing veins. We’ll recommend the best treatment option for you during a consultation. After vein treatments, patients can typically resume normal activities quickly. Call our vein specialists at (972) 410-5757 to schedule an appointment at our vein clinic.

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