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Flower Mound Vein Specialist Publishes a New Article explaining Why Pregnancy Increases Your Risk of Vein Disease

May 15th, 2015. Flower Mound, TX. Flower Mound Vein Center is publishing a new article about pregnancy, and how the profound changes women’s bodies go through can increase their likelihood of developing vein disease. According to these experienced Flower Mound … Continue reading

A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Explains Why Experts Know That Seeing A Vein Doctor Is a Good Idea

One of the things that always surprises us in our practice as vascular doctors in Flower Mound is when new patients tell us that their general practitioners recommended that they see a vein doctor months or even years ago, and … Continue reading

A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Discusses Why People Are Embarrassed to Talk About Their Varicose Veins

As experienced vascular doctors in Flower Mound, naturally we’ve noticed the extent to which many of our patients go to hide their varicose veins. They tell us that they wear long pants and dark stockings, and manage to come up … Continue reading

A Flower Mound Vein Specialist Discusses What Your Next Steps Should Be To Do Something about Your Varicose Veins

It’s a new year, and you’ve decided that this year you’re finally going to do something to get rid of your varicose veins and stop allowing them to rob you of the joy of life.

Flower Mound Vein Specialist Discusses the Link between Vein Disease and Stroke

Stroke is serious. It is the third-largest cause of death in the U.S., and the first-largest cause of long-term disability. Someone in America has a stroke every 40 seconds, and worldwide the statistics are even more dire – over 15 … Continue reading

How Vein Disease Treatment in Texas Can Help Your Marriage

When you are suffering from varicose veins, it’s natural to focus on the impact they have on your life. After all, you are the one dealing with swollen legs & ankles, achy legs, and a decreased feeling of self-worth brought … Continue reading

Flower Mound Vein Specialist, Dr. Robert Handley, Describes Treatment Options for Vein Disease

Varicose veins can be unsightly. Above and beyond their cosmetic appearance, however, they can lead to swollen legs and ankles, leg pain and leg fatigue – not what you need this busy fall season.

Flower Mound Vein Center Publishes New Article on Vein Disease Treatments

November 21st, 2013. Flower Mound, TX.  The Flower Mound Vein Center has published a new article on their website describing modern vein disease treatments that can restore patients’ legs to the beauty of previous years. According to the Flower Mound, … Continue reading