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How To Prevent Varicose Veins

Flower Mound Vein’s Tips to Reduce Chances of Developing Varicose Veins Varicose veins, which can be caused by weak or damaged valves in the veins, affect 50-55% of women and 40-45% of men.

What’s Causing My Varicose Veins?

Ever wondered what causes varicose veins? You’re not alone. One of the most common questions we get from our patients at the Flower Mound Vein Center is, “Why me?”

Understanding Ambulatory Phlebectomy

According to Dr. Robert Handley of the Garland, Texas Flower Mound Vein center, ambulatory phlebectomy has been practiced since ancient times and continues to be one of the most popular treatments for varicose veins. The procedure involves making very small … Continue reading