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Flower Mound Vein Center

Vein Treatment Patient Testimonials

Patient Reviews Flower Mound Vein Center

“Dr. Handley is very nice. He is a very smart person, very personable. And I love that Katherine, the nurse, did all of the insurance stuff too. I didn’t have to deal with my insurance company at all, which can be difficult with some of this stuff. That was nice that they did it all for me. I think what helps is that she’s a nurse with a medical background handling the insurance, so it makes it easier than an office clerical person doing it.”

“They’re fantastic. They are extremely nice and make you feel extremely comfortable. It can be a little embarrassing for guys, and it’s a very friendly environment. i would recommend to any guy especially who had vein problems to come here and get it taken care of because it’s well worth it.”

“I had my legs stripped. In the old days they stripped your legs and you didn’t have the advantage of this procedure. So I had surgery 3 different times. We moved down here in ’84, so I was going to have another surgery and the insurance company wouldn’t cover it. So I lived with those varicose veins for the last 17 years. I didn’t really want to go through surgery again. I just decided I would live with it, and I had the big bulging kind of veins that were very noticeable. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have the sclerotherapy procedure then go home with just a stocking and a bandage. And your recuperation is nothing. You’re able to exercise in a couple of weeks, it’s perfect. The staff is great. It has been a wonderful experience. They’re very kind, always asking if everything is alright while they’re doing the procedure. And Dr. Handley is nice as he could be, and very informative, knew what was going to happen. And I appreciated that. You have your interview when you come in and they look at you and tell you what you’re going to have done and what your options are. I’m from old school so to me this has been a great advantage, a great procedure.”

“It was done quite well. I was extremely pleased and the after care was good. It really was not that bad, it was a piece of cake. I was very pleasantly surprised you could do all this without general anesthesia.”

“Really love the people at this office – the staff and the receptionist. I came in here one day and I said I’m just going to come back to visit with you guys because you’re so much fun. and they’re all very caring and just good people. It was a nice experience, and I thought ‘I wouldn’t mind doing that again.’ The difference in my life is amazing and I know it might sound strange because you think you can cover your legs up, but you can’t cover them during the summer. And the pain, when I’m really very active… I can walk again, my 2 miles. And that makes a big difference in my life. ”

“It’s not painful. I’ve been working out now for a month and been doing great. I don’t have that running at night or the pain in the morning. And my legs feel lighter, I can’t believe that they always felt so heavy, and they feel much lighter now. They look good… I can see, especially the spider veins down by my feet, that they’re all gone. I’m excited about they way they’re going to look this summer.”

“I looked online and did a bit of researched. I saw the Vein Center in the local paper and I thought ‘Wow, that’s great,’ because I don’t have to go miles to Arlington or wherever. So basically that’s how I found it, but I did have a friend who had actually been here and she was thrilled. So that’s why I came, and when I talked to them I just thought ‘This is what I’ve got to do.’ I’d say it was well worth it. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“It healed very nicely, no scarring. It was an excellent job, I was extremely pleased. In addition, my wife had been in earlier and she had spider veins evaluated and then treated. The cosmetic effect of her legs was startling. It has been a few months now since she had that done, and it really cleaned them up. The before and after was really dramatic.”